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Just Call Ryan the Homecoming King!

ryan-homecoming-kingKLA takes pride and satisfaction from every placement we make, and truly believe that we provide a benefit to both our client companies and our candidates by improving the situation for both. But once in a while, there is a placement that is really special because of the significant impact it has on people’s lives. Ryan Doyle, Executive Recruiter in KLA’s plastics packaging division, has had three that fall into this category over the past few months.

In each case, we had client companies in rural or remote locations who desperately needed to find, attract, and land a key person. One was for a manufacturing leadership role, one was for a maintenance manager, and one for a quality director. Each search seemed virtually impossible. During the course of one search, Ryan estimated that he dialed the phone around 800 times before networking with someone who was able to refer him to the eventual candidate.

For each of these three searches Ryan eventually recruited a person who was originally from that area of the country, but had moved away either for their career or in one case due to a plant closing and not by choice. For one candidate it meant moving back to their home and immediate family from a remote ‘bachelor pad’, and no more weekend commutes back home. For another candidate it meant returning to the hometown where their aging parents still live.

I was never quite able to make Homecoming King when I was in school but I think this is actually better,” laughed Ryan. Although he’d probably prefer to mix in a few easier searches, if you are having trouble attracting talent to your location, or if you are looking for a job ‘back home’, maybe you should contact Ryan – he is on a roll!

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