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Which Medal Would You Win at the Recruiting Olympics?

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer Olympics from Rio as much as we are. In a time of unrest throughout the world perhaps we can take a little hope that we can still come together for a good, healthy cause.

If your company is trying to attract and hire the best talent you are in a competition every day, not just every two years. If there was an awards ceremony, would your company be on the podium, and which medal would you get? Okay, this is totally subjective but have a little fun with us. Be honest, which is the closest to describing your company?

– We post jobs on our website with full details on what we’re looking for in an ideal candidate. The description includes things like ‘excellent written and verbal communication skills’ and ‘proficient with Microsoft Office’. We also have an employee referral program. Congratulations on making your country’s Olympic team, but no medal for you. 

MEDALS– When we post jobs on our website we emphasize the great things about the company; how our products make a difference in our markets, our plans for growth, the fun and feeling of accomplishment that our employees have, and how we give back to our community. Good job on starting to think from the candidates’ point of view, you win the Bronze Medal!

– We know unemployment for the Millennial generation candidates we’re trying to attract is near zero, and that what they want is quite different than the baby boomers. We have an internal recruiter who is an expert in boolean searching and social media. Our SEO score is high and our jobs are indexed by the major job boards. Our Glassdoor reviews are very good. Wow you nailed it; a Silver Medal!

– We do all of the above and then some, but know that if we want to have a shot at those who are truly passive and will never respond to a posted ad, we sometimes will need to partner with an outside recruiter who is deeply niched in our space. Oh come on, you had to see that coming, we’re recruiters! Thanks for having a little fun with us, if only for that reason you get the Gold Medal!!


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