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Getting a superior candidate to leave their current position and join your company involves three distinct steps; identifying them, recruiting them, and landing them.

Many recruiting firms promise to find that ‘hidden’ talent, but if that means searching Monster or Linkedin they aren’t all that hidden are they? There are only two main ways to identify people who are not readily viewable on a public forum such as Linkedin. The first is the search firm’s proprietary database. KLA’s database is currently approaching 100,000 professionals who we have networked with since 1999.

The other way to find potential candidates who are not readily available to the general public is deep research. This goes far beyond a keyword search on the Linkedin, and is the realm of a professional researcher. KLA employs several researchers who have been trained and certified by the leading company in the world in that field.

Once we have identified those we will be targeting for your search, typically 100-150 people, we will present your opportunity to them. The presentation will emphasize the positive aspects of the role, the manager they will report to, strong points about the company, and the local community if we are talking to candidates who would need to relocate. This step is critical because unemployment for the people we recruit is near zero. We develop this presentation and let you hear it and make any necessary edits, before we ‘take it to the street’.


At KLA we are very metrics-oriented and we know that on average you will have a slate of qualified candidates in 18 business days. From the 100+ that we start with we will submit the 3-4 top candidates. We will not submit a candidate who does not meet what we call our Golden Rule, which means the candidates:

  • Will meet 85% or more of the criteria we would like to see (and 100% of ‘must-haves’)
  • Will be in the compensation range you specified, or just slightly above
  • Will live a commutable distance from where the job is, or be willing to relocate
  • Will have an identifiable reason for making the change, OTHER THAN MONEY

If candidates do not meet these criteria we do not submit them. Because of this, our clients interview the majority of candidates we submit. We do not waste your time. Also our candidates stay longer. We recently conducted a survey of all candidates we placed in the past 5 years, and over 80% are still with their companies. They were not all in the same roles, as many had been promoted at least once.

In addition to the resume you will received a Candidate Qualification Form (CQF) with each candidate submitted for consideration. This provides additional information relative to the specific role, as well as reasons for previous job changes, compensation information, and so on.

Finally, KLA will facilitate the interview process and help you to land the candidate you feel is the best fit. We are in an environment where most top candidates get counter-offers, and many have multiple other opportunities presented to them as well. We will advise you on how to move quickly and ensure that when an offer is extended, it will be accepted, with a low risk of losing the candidate to a counter-offer. We remain engaged through the on-boarding process as our job isn’t done until your candidate starts work.

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